Dobermann Russkaja Mechta

IPO/VZH, kenemmerland,2011

September 2011

New presentations Russkaja Mechta Modny Mustang and Russkaja Mechta Mera Madera

25.09.2011 IPO/VZH exame at KG.Kennemerland Judge Dhr. J. Janse

Russkaja Mechta Krutoi Kozak succesfully participated in the IPO 1 part-A. He did his job well, so 90 points was his result. Well done Adry!.

Russkaja Mechta Modny Mustang did pass his VZH/BH exam with 44 points.
Russkaja Mechta Musja Marusja also performed this task and with 46 points.
Congratulations to the owners, I’m very proud of you!

On the same day there were four dogs uit of my M-litter present so ofcourse we made nice pictures together. On the photo: Andre with Masco, Frank with Maika, Me with Mera and Petrit with Mustang (Troy).

september 2011 – Rehoming I’m glad to announce that Russkaja Mechta Marskoy Mirage is succesfully rehomed. I wish his new owner Andre a lot of pleasure with this beautiful and kind dog.