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KCM, 21 augustus 2010


17 november 2012

KCM 2010 – DVIN Championschip Club Match AUGUST 21st 2010

AUGUST 21st 2010 – DVIN Championschip Club Match.

The KCM is the yearly organized Specialty of the Dutch Dobermann Club. This year the number of entered dogs was more than usual (80 dogs). A very positive developmant. The good wheather made this day a success! From Russkaja Mechta (my kennel) there were 11 dogs present and I was more than satisfied with the results. A Special and very honorable performance was made in the group classes. We became Best Breeders Group with a group of 5 males! The Females group became third.
A Very nice debut was made by the youngest pups from the last M-litter in the puppy class. The Male Modny Mustang was the winner of his class and became thus Best Puppy Male, and the female Mera Madera in competition with her brother became Best Puppy of the KCM
JUDGES: I. Onstenk-Schenk, D. Baars

Russkaja Mechta Mera Madera (Owner O. Nijman)Best Puppy of KCM
Russkaja Mechta Modny Mustang (Owner P. Rexhepi)Best Puppy Male
Russkaja Mechta Mastak Maestro (Owner A. van Meerendonk)promising in the Puppy Class
Russkaja Mechta Drug Dadjo (Owner W. Ernest):very good in Open Class
Russkaja Mechta Jasny Jar (Owner R. Hermans):very good in Open Class
Russkaja Mechta Jarkaja Jasa (Owner J. de Jong-Talen):very good in Open Class
Russkaja Mechta Jarkaja Jinja (Owner T.van Rossum) 3excellent in Open Class
Russkaja Mechta Elbin Egor (Owner Y. St.Nicolaas)was the best in Champion Class 1 plase excellent.
Russkaja Mechta Elbin Elisey (Owner: L. Drenth-Dekker & C. Drenth)4 excellent in Open Class.
passed DKT and DGT
Russkaja Mechta Krutoi Kozak (Owner J.J. Boonstra)4 very good in Intermediate Class.
Russkaja Mechta Groznaja Ginger (Owner R. & P. Jacobs)very good in Open Class.